I have to face to 27% loss, over $1100, of my position in 8 working days

Joss says:
March 14, 2012 at 10:25 pm

I have a horrible experience too! I had a “all in kind” TFSA transfer request on 15-Feb-2012, on 3-Mar-2012, the status showed “completed”, however all my positions and fund didn’t show up in my account. After I chased them every day, the agent still didn’t know where my money and stock went…..Finally, my positions showed up in my account on 14-Mar-2012, 8 working days later!

But now I have to face to 27% loss, over $1100, of my position in 8 working days becasue it is in down trend and I couldn’t find them and sell it!! The agent told me they can credit me $25 for 5 free trades as repay. I don’t know now who shall I talk to because I couldn’t find any contacts of management level from their website.

Joss says:
March 21, 2012 at 6:40 pm

InvG, I think I am ready to take further action. The funny thing is QT agent replied my email on 12-Mar today, it took them 8 business days to reply my email!! I guess they may not have enough manpower. The agent replied that they changed the status to “completed” because they thought it was done, but they still need to take few days to deposite stocks into my account. What an answer! I am surprised again that their “completed” has another meaning which is “not completed”! So now the question is “CAN WE TRUST YOU?”

Source: http://www.canadiancapitalist.com/giving-up-on-questrade/

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